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Welcome to Three TreasuresThree Treasures Acupuncture and Healing Arts welcomes clients to pursue healing and wellness at all levels of our Body-Mind-Spirit.  Energy medicine addresses this total personality.  Ancient and modern therapies are integrated, with the goal of amplifying your soul’s own healing intention.

Physical and energetic imbalances result in illness, pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety.  Balance and harmony can be restored, at our core, by regulating our vital energy, known as qi or prana.

Blockages are released in physical and energetic pathways (acupuncture meridians).  Depleted qi and energy are nourished and tonified.  Pain is relieved, feelings of well-being are reported, and clients may feel energized, yet peaceful and calm. 

Initial consultations are scheduled for approximately 1½  hours, and subsequent sessions range from 30 – 60 minutes.

Three Treasures, the name of our practice, refers to the core substances of our being, known in Oriental Medicine theory as Shen, Qi and Jing:  Mind, Vital Energy and Essence.  These, in turn, relate to Upper-Middle-Lower Jiao energetics, the locale of Heart, Spleen/Stomach and Kidneys.  

This reflects the continuum of everything in creation as it transitions from formless energy to condensed physical form and matter.  This likewise corresponds to Tian-Di-Ren:  Heaven-Earth-Man.  Further amplification yields the progression of consciousness:  unconscious mind, conscious mind and superconscious awareness.

These fundamental philosophical principles are intrinsic to the practice of Chinese Medicine:  Essence relates to our inherited constitutional tendencies, Qi relates to the state of our vital energy produced from food and air on a daily basis, and Mind refers to our mental and emotional state.  The ancient text, known as “Simple Questions,” states: 

“The union of Qi of Heaven and Earth is called human being.” 


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