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Energy Therapies


Reiki Hand

This is Healing Touch.  

Life energy or “ki” is intrinsic to the word Reiki.  The Reiki Light or healing energy is directed to the recipient through placing the hands on or near the person.  Distance healing may also occur by guiding the Reiki energy through intention.

The Reiki tradition of healing was rediscovered in Japan.  Although it is not a religion, many of the spiritual healings in different religious traditions are brought to mind.  The palms of the hands contain two powerful acupoints, Heart 8 and Pericardium 8.  They are often referred to as “hand chakras,” and qi, also known as prana or vital energy, is projected out from these points. Reiki energy may even flow from the feet or through the eyes or breath.  

Reiki healing energy acts upon all layers of our being:  physical and subtle.  Transformations can occur in the “aura” or energy field surrounding the body, acupuncture meridians and associated organs, the subconscious mind, the nadi pathways, and the chakras, which function as transformers of subtle energy. Physical, mental and emotional blockages are released, normalizing the flow of qi or ki in all these areas.

As with most of the body-work and energetic therapies offered at Three Treasures, the recipient often reports feeling extremely calm and relaxed, and occasionally may fall asleep. Various somatic responses may occur during the treatment session, including visual, auditory, tactile, and dream-like experiences.  Pulsations, warmth, tingling, feelings of emotional and spiritual releases are common.  

In 1998, Julie Motz published Hands of Light. Before Dr. Mehmet Oz was a house-hold name, she worked with him at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York.  She treated patients with Reiki before and during cardiothoracic surgery. Decreased pain and depression post-operatively were reported.  Reiki treatments are being offered in various hospitals throughout the country, including Tucson hospitals.

Deeksha or Oneness Blessing

Deeksha arises from the South Indian tradition of Yoga Siddhas, the ancient Rishis or wise teachers.  Another very gentle practice, healing hands are placed on or above the recipient’s head, and the peaceful waves of healing permeate the giver and the recipient.    This shared healing response is also intrinsic to Reiki treatments, and may also be experienced subtly in the body-work treatments.   

Again, responses occur at physical and subtle levels.  Intention guides the transfer of healing energies, resulting in calm, peaceful feelings of well-being.  Since the energy and body-work treatments are not as specific as choosing acu-points, Andrea often selects a combination of modalities, which enhances the intangible effects.

Psycho-energetic acupuncture and Chakra Balancing

Flower Of Life ChakrasEnergy healing through intention may be combined with acupuncture needling, with or without the use of actual needles.  Healing guides are called upon; other healing elements may be introduced, psychically constructing the healing patterns: herbal, homeopathic, colors, psychic talismans, spirit guides, words, sounds and tones may be accessed energetically and directed for healing.  

Physical and subtle systems are treated:  this may affect chakras, the aura, internal organs, emotional and subtle layers, and acupuncture meridians.  Psychic healing occurs, often reaching back to and releasing long-standing issues from one’s past, which have manifested into physical, emotional or sub-conscious thought patterns. 

As with Reiki, both Psycho-energetic healing and Deeksha may be practiced at a distance, as remote access healing.

Sound Healing ~ Using Tuning Forks

Gratitude Water CrystalBecause tuning forks can be directed to specific acu-points, they can also treat specific disease patterns.  This offers a pleasant alternative for children, as well as needle-phobic clients.

Shamans and healers of many cultures, past and present, understood the potentiality of Sound as motive force in physical creation and in healing. John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  In this verse, Word references sound and vibration. Thus, Sound is the Original basis of creation, from which all subsequent differentiation manifested.

OM or AUM, a well-known Sanskrit mantra, is similarly understood to be the primordial Sound, from which all creation manifested.  Ancient Hindu and Yogic texts, the Sutras and Upanishads, expound all the layers of meaning found in each of the syllables of A-U-M. This ancient, sacred mantra is invoked to this day in Hindu worship and chants. 

All matter vibrates at specific frequencies.  Researchers have demonstrated how specific sound waves can generate unique patterns in sand, water and on steel plates.  Additionally, the written letters of ancient, mystical languages, including Hebrew, Sanskrit and Tamil, are also reproduced as sand patterns. 

The cells, molecules and DNA of our bodies respond to vibrations.  In “Vibration of Music of the Spheres” it states: “The musical nature of nuclear matter from atoms to galaxies is now recognized by official science.” Even the earth and sun vibrate in unison.   Candace Pert, PhD, the discoverer of the opiate receptor, describes in “Molecules of Emotion” how chemical messages are “vibrated” into the cells.  “Binding of the ligand to the receptor is likened to two voices, striking the same note and producing a vibration that rings a doorbell to open the doorway to the cell.”

The tuning forks used at Three Treasures are tuned to the Solfeggio frequencies, those found in the Gregorian chants of medieval monks. These frequencies are slightly different from the modern Do-re-mi scale that we all know. 

The tuning forks can be placed on or near structures and organs, acu-points and chakras.  The harmonics produce specific healing resonances:  the vibration and frequency from the tuning forks resonate with the vibration and frequency of the client.  This response occurs at all levels of our being:  physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual.  Most clients experience deep stillness and tranquility during this treatment.

Energy Psychology:  Emotional Freedom Techniques  [EFT or “Tapping”]

Andrea has graduate degrees in both Acupuncture and Counseling Psychology, based in the depth psychology tradition of Carl Jung.  She has found one of the most useful combinations of these two therapies in Emotional Freedom Techniques, known as EFT.   This has become very well known in the last few years, and is generally referred to as “Tapping.”

Tapping is useful for many different issues:  pain, phobias, depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, compulsive behavior, anger, shame, fear and addictions.  Andrea usually teaches clients how to do this technique, which you can then practice frequently, on your own. 

The techniques merge acupressure, psychology and kinesiology, and are very easily learned.  There are different styles of Tapping:  One of the styles is barely noticeable, and can be easily used in social situations, as with social anxiety or even with road rage.

The other EP modality that Andrea uses is “Allergy Antidotes,” a very beneficial adjunct for treatment of allergy-like reactions.  This is a more complex treatment, done in the office setting, and may take a few sessions to elucidate and treat the reactive substances.

As with so many of the other energetic therapies, no one is actually sure of the mechanism of action.   Possible target areas of the brain include the amygdala, hippocampus and corpus callosum.  Of course, as already noted, the internal organs and their associated acupuncture meridians have a direct correspondence with emotional states.  When we treat on the physical level, our associated emotional issues are implicitly and simultaneously treated.

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