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Practitioner’s Vision and Goals


Andrea’s integrative practice of “Energy Medicine” promotes the experience of deep relaxation, which allows the Body-Mind to rejuvenate and repair imbalances. The most refined healing therapeutics awaken the healing capability of our Body-Mind-Spirit beings. This facilitates one’s own return to homeostasis, experiencing harmony and balance on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Ancient sages in India and China, who initially accessed the profound wisdom in the practices of Yoga, Acupuncture and Qi Gong, understood the inherent unity in our multi-layered beings. They recognized that we are not merely a physical body, separate from our emotions, mind and spirit. They understood the inter-relationship between physical organs / systems and emotional / spiritual issues. These sages knew that energetic harmony and balance can be attained from such practices, which nourish and realign qi (our vital energy, also known as chi or prana).

At your initial session, there is a comprehensive intake. This forms the basis for choosing the most appropriate modalities for each session.

Healthful responses to treatment include: 

  • Feeling energized, yet relaxed and calm: experiencing a “sense of well-being.”
  • Release of blockages and constrictions in physical and energetic pathways: physical and emotional symptoms relieved.
  • Tonification of depleted qi and energy.
  • Pain relief; anxiety and stress relief.
  • Increased immunity; sleep improvement.

Acupuncture has attained (WHO) World Health Organization recognition  for the treatment of many conditions.

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